Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Simple ways to fix squeaking floors

It's not as difficult as you'd imagine

Fixing a creaking floor may sound like a difficult task. It may seem impossible, without ripping up and replacing old floorboards. However, there are kits you can get which make silencing your floors relatively quick and easy.

There's a few different types of 'kits' available.

The 'Squeak Ender Kit' pictured above is a popular option.

You're probably thinking "OK, how does it work?".

The main purpose of this kit is to pull the sub-floor securely to the joist.

The kit includes two main parts. Firstly, the hanger bolt, which is fastened to the under-side of the sub-floor against the joist which is supporting the squeaky floor. 

The second part of the kit is a "j" bracket which is slipped over the hanger bolt and the joist. Finally, install the washer and nut, and tighten with a wrench until creaking noises are eliminated. (be careful not to over-tighten).

The Squeak Ender Kit is available on Amazon

What if you don't have access to the under-floor area?

There are other kits available which are designed for use through the floor from above. These can be used through carpeting, so you will not need to pull your carpet up. For more information read my blog post on how to fix squeaking floors through carpet.

Other reasons for squeaking floors?

Both swelling, and shrinking can cause your floors to creak.  When the air in your home becomes dry, this dryness can cause your floor boards to contract. Conversely, if the humidity within your home becomes too high, your floorboards can swell as the moisture is absorbed.


If you're able to identify which floor boards are rubbing together, creaking can be minimized by applying some talcum powder, liquid wax or powdered soap in between the offending floor boards.

You can also attempt hammering nails into pilot holes between the boards, and cover the holes with a wax or putty of similar color.

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